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Welcome to Parsimonious

This is a community fansite dedicated to The Sims series of computer games. Here you will find a wide variety of custom content available to download and add to your game along with the newly added section for SimCity tips and strategy.

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Downloading Sims Custom Content

1. Choose a version of The Sims from the menu above, Sims 1, Sims 2, Sims 3

2. Select the type of content you want to browse from the tab menu at the top of each section

3. Browse through the available content, if you see something you want to download, click on the preview photos of the content to download it to your computer

4. Once you've downloaded files follow the instructions provided to install them into your game

Technical Support

Each version of the game comes with it's own specific instructions for installing custom content - you cannot mix and match!

The great news is that links to instructions pages and other related resources are available on every content page so you don't have to go and find them or remember where they are.

All the downloads on this site are zipped to make them smaller and faster to download. This is an extremely common way of sharing files online across the whole of the internet (not just the Sims community) so learning to open a zip is a useful skill and really very easy once you know how.

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You don't have to take my word for it. Ask anyone who isn't a knuckle-dragging moron like yourself, they'll tell you that keeping your browser up to date is the safe and sensible thing to do. If you want to live dangerously there are more exciting ways to do it than using an old and crappy web browser.


October 21st 2014: I just want to add...

I want to clear up a question asked by a couple of visitors after my post yesterday. All of the er... below, has nothing to do with our recent offline time.

Simply put our server went down in early October for no apparent reason. Because there was no apparent reason it didn't trip any of the usual monitoring alarms so we didn't spot it, neither did our web host (who to their great credit reset the machine just 35 minutes after we opened a support ticket to say that we couldn't).

Regardless of my personal feelings about EA or The Sims 4, I have no intention of shutting down Parsimonious for the foreseeable future.


October 20th 2014: Since I've been gone...

Returning visitors may have noticed I've been AWOL for a long while and recently I've had a lot of emails asking me about Sims 4 content. For the first time since the series started I have not bought EA's newest Sims offering, it simply wasn't good enough.

It is, of course, not just about the money. And for all you EA apologists out there, it might well be 'just a computer game' BUT for me the central issue is lack of choice. We have the right to care about what we spent our time and our money on. As consumers, if we dislike a 'new and improved' product, be it washing liquid, or pasta sauce, or toilet roll etc, we can switch brands. But what happens if the publisher of our favorite people simulator game makes a version which is old and inferior and crashes every 20 minutes? We either pay for a product which is inadequate, and which will cost extra to 'put right' via DLC, or we must live without it. I find it extremely odd that anyone who loves The Sims even half as much as I do (or did), would ever thank EA, let alone defend them, for putting us in that position.

Of course you could just stick to The Sims 3. Easy to do when you consider the investment in expansions, maybe Store content, even hardware to run the game. But harder to do when you consider that we are all human beings not Sims. It's hard not to feel like you are missing out. The expectation and promise (and publisher hype) of a new game will move even the most cynical Sims fan to excitement, most of us probably envisaged investing countless future hours playing or creating for this new game. It's hard not to feel like someone canceled Christmas (or whatever your equivalent celebratory high-point of the year might be) when all that promise turns into a giant let-down with strings attached. If I buy this game for 50, I know I will have to pay more later if I want to have a game which has the same basic content that shipped with the previous base games. If that doesn't qualify as 'a string' I don't know what does...

What I don't understand is why this happened (aside from because of EA's ravenous greed)? Why is it so hard for these developers to listen to the community? Yes Sims have an all new system of emotions and interactions, but every review I've read seems to imply the same conclusion, which is at best they've made a game which no longer requires our input - this strategy game has lost it's strategy. At worst the character upgrades quickly become irrelevant against a backdrop of crashes and dissonance caused by immersion breaking feature loss, i.e. the loading when going to a community lot. EA has also made a lot of fuss out of the new CAS tools, but none of them seem to be sufficiently sophisticated to stop Sims looking like bread dough.

I'm not saying all the innovations are bad, I'm sure they have many positive aspects, but surely not at the expense of all the other lost features. And I'm not talking just about the 80 or so 'missing' features available in earlier versions, but also about additional new features which really should have been in this game. The Sims 4, even if it had had all the basics we have come to expect (i.e. open world, toddlers, CAST, pools etc), lacks that essential evolutionary leap that necessitates a brand new game (or perhaps rather which a new game necessitates).

Then again... this is EA, why give us more when they can get away with giving us less and selling the rest to us in expensive installments? Why bother giving us larger communities, more subtle aging, better story progression or better creative tools when you can still make a ridiculous amount of money for a game which has none of these things and brings with it an opportunity for everyone to purchase all new Store content over again....

Regardless it does seem to be an issue that has divided the community. There are plenty of people who own and love The Sims 4, and a lot of those people feel persecuted by all the negative commentary. It's understandable, but I would urge those people to please keep in mind that it's not that we dislike you for liking the game, we dislike EA for putting us in a position where we simply couldn't go on liking it any more. Yes maybe if you hadn't bought it EA might have listened to our complaints, but then again probably not. This is after all a company that spent a year furiously denying that SimCity could work offline, and that wasted 11 years developing Spore... otherwise known as baby's first EVE Offline with monsters (btw, in case anyone wants an invite for a free 21 day trial for EVE Online... clicky-clicky!)

At this time I have not made a decision as to the future of Parsimonious with regard to The Sims 4 (other than at this time I am confident that I will not be creating for it). In some respects it is rather a moot point, if we have no creators making content for The Sims 4, then there will be no requirement for me to update the site to support publication! In the mean time I have recently enjoyed the great fortune of losing a job I sincerely hated, so I am hoping to get back to a modest amount of creating for one of the other 3 games at some point soon, but I haven't decided which one yet. Probably for whoever shouts the loudest!

TLDR: I haven't bought The Sims 4 because I am ticked off with EA - they have let us down and I for one, have had enough!

Laughing My Ass Off

December 22nd 2012: Happy Holidays One & ALL

Since it appears that we've mostly survived the predicted end of the world (or at least I hope so!), I thought I would take this opportunity, on behalf of our collective, to wish you all a happy holidays and a great new year.


August 31st 2012: Spooky!

Astorina was lucky enough to attend EA's Supernatural UK Tour earlier on in August. Sims 3 players can read her thoughts and conclusions about this spooktacular new EP on her Sims 3 Studio (click to visit)

Supernatural will be hitting the shelves from September 4th to September 21st - depending where in the world you live.


July 20th 2012: Kate's Site News

The dust has barely settled on our last site make-over and yet here we are again.

I hadn't planned on doing another substantial redesign any sooner than 2018, but after significant feedback suggested that a large portion of our visitors simply found it too confusing and different, I had to make some further changes.

The subsection menus still function the same as before - they are optional and will default to showing all items - but I have put them back on the navigation bar as they had been for many years. Hopefully this more traditional design will help those who struggled with the change.

In other news I want to remind everyone that there are currently a few open posts for creators to join. As a reminder these will only be offered to experienced creators who have good ideas and attention to detail. You don't need to be a technical super-genius, but it is not a suitable opportunity for beginners either. Regardless of whether they are filled or not, the application period will end on August 30th so that anyone who does join has the option to contribute towards our anniversary event for next year (which will be 10 years folks!).

For more information, or to submit previews of your creations for consideration please email me:

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