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Welcome to Parsimonious for Sims 2

If you are a first time user of custom content you will need to enable it in your game before installing anything. There is a menu option in the general game settings to turn this on.

After enabling custom content you can install things houses, fashion, walls, floors and terrains. To use custom furniture you will need to install an additional small file known as the CEP. This needs to be done the first time you add objects to your game and again if you install a new Expansion or Stuff pack, or reinstall the game. It is recommended you keep the CEP installer file for later use. Please see the related links in each block below for specific details about each type of content, there are instructions and general information in the Support section.

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Sims 2 Technical Support

If you have not used custom content before you will need to enable it in your game's main settings menu before installing any custom content files.

If you wish to use custom furniture, or houses which contain custom furniture, you will need to install the CEP from Mod The Sims.

Tired ... z z z

October 28th 2012: Better Late Than Never?

I know it's been a long time since you've had some new stuff from us, but Arthelope and I are both working on some new bits and pieces which should be gracing your screens hopefully in the coming weeks.

Sims 2 Furniture

The Sims 2 Furniture section contains room sets along with a small number of function categories, lighting, decor, pets, plus the New category for objects which are a little different from what comes with the game (check out the hot air balloon!)

There are two different types of furniture files - they should be installed in the same way, but they work differently in game. New Mesh objects will appear in your catalog as stand-alone objects. Recolors do not show in the catalog, instead they are available when using the Design Mode Tool on the base object they were designed for.

Recolors are labeled as such, you will also see a smaller preview picture next to it showing the base new mesh object it belongs with. Recolors of custom meshes will always INCLUDE the base mesh in the download zip.

First Time Users should be aware that you will need to install the CEP file from Mod The Sims. If you have never used any custom content before you will also need to enable it before adding any new items (of any type) to your game. Instructions on how to enable custom content, how to install objects and other items is available in this topic below.

If you can't access the official CEP page at Mod The Sims you can also download it here from the Adding Downloads To Your Game instructions page.

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Sims 2 Clothing & Skin Tones

All items that use a custom mesh will include the mesh file in the download zip, meshes and textures should be installed in the same way as per the instructions provided.

There are a number of body meshes available. These will not show up in the default 'all' view of the fashion items, select the custom content flower icon at the bottom of the menu to view these. They are available for creators who wish to make new textures that use them and for players who have downloaded a texture from another site which didn't include the mesh.

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Sims 2 Make-Up, Accessories & Genetics

Parsimonious does NOT have hairstyles for The Sims 2

In this section you will find make-up, genetic eye colors and accessories. Most accessories require and include a custom mesh which needs to be installed along with the texture packages as described in the instructions.

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Sims 2 Walls & Floors

There are walls, floors and lot terrain paints available to download. Please be aware that many terrain paints use high resolution textures, using too many on a single lot can cause the game to run slowly.

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Sims 2 Houses

Some of our houses using custom content, including walls, floors, lot terrains and custom objects. First time users will need to enable custom content in the game so that installed items will show up. All custom objects also require the CEP from Mod The Sims. Enabling custom content and information about The CEP plus instructions for installing a house (and other types of content) can be found our Support page.

The process of exporting a custom lot from The Sims 2 it is not very good, often files that are not used on the lot will attach themselves, and others which are used, or required by other objects on the lot, do not. This means that some houses may also have additional package files inside the download zip. Please add these to your Downloads folder as per the instructions.

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Contributing Artists:

Our resident artists have their own Studios. You can access these via the links below, from our Links page or by clicking on the artist credit tags found on all items across the site.

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    This side section can be found on every content page and features useful information about the content shown.

    The information provided will include things like instructions on how to install the content, links to external resources or other related information and for more complex items, assistance for understanding and fixing problems that can occur when using custom content.

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