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Mesh: 962 Faces / 532 Vertices
This is Low Polygon object

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Install the CEP

Before using custom furniture for the first time you will need to make sure custom content is enabled in your game AND download and install the CEP from Mod The Sims.

You will also need to install the CEP again if you ever reinstall your game or add a new expansion or stuff pack.

If you have problems installing or using custom content please see these external links for futher information:

Poly Counts

All new mesh objects list the mesh complexity in terms of the number of faces and vertices which make up the object's polygon count.

Please remember that individual objects will not have any perceptible impact on game performance by themselves, it is how you furnish and use the entire lot space that may or may not cause game lag. Factors such as lot size, number of Sims and the total number of polygons for all objects will collectively influence how well the game runs.

In 2008 the cut-off points for our low, medium and high polygon designations were adjusted to reflect the general increase in computer performance since 2003 (when the standard recommendation of 800 F/V per tile was made by the game's developers).

  • Low: under 1200 F/V per tile
  • Medium: 1200 - 2800 F/V per tile
  • High: 2800 - 4000 F/V per tile

There are very few objects which are designated high poly and none that exceed 4000 F/V per tile to reflect the fact that The Sims 2 is a low-poly game.

More information about this issue is available in this support topic:

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