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Furniture & Objects may include the following different types of files:

  • .iff (object)
  • .exe (object)
  • .bmp (skin)
  • .cmx (skin)
  • .skn (skin)
  • .iff files can be placed in any 1 of 3 objects folders, skin parts for objects need to be put in your gamedata\skins folder just like normal clothing skins

    Rarely some objects are cloned from Simday Official objects. If you don't yet have the original Simday object just run the .exe file inside the zip to install it before adding the clone.

  • Adding Downloads To Your Game
  • Invisible NPCs

    This happens because you did not put the skin files in your Skins folder

    This issue can also happen with objects that have skin parts so be sure to check the contents of the zip you have downloaded carefully and put all the files in the right place

    Sims can't use an NPC object

    Usually this happens because other visitors to the lot are using the object. Your Sims will have to wait their turn. This is common with Food stations, Bars and Pet Pens.

    Check that you have installed ALL .iff files in the zip, most NPC objects consist of multiple .iff files all of which must be in your game for the object to work

    Hotels & Restaurants will not function if you don't have other required object types on the lot (i.e. beds, fridges, sinks etc). These required objects must be accessible to Sims

    More Information

    Objects are the most problematic type of Sims 1 custom content. If your game is crashing or you have issues using custom objects then try the following resources.

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  • "Long Island Deco" 3.08 MB
    Visit my StudioCreated by Kate




    Download the set by clicking on the photo above, or you can download single objects below


    The Sims


    The Sims

    Coffee Table

    Hot Date

    Day Bed

    Hot Date


    The Sims

    Dining Chair

    The Sims

    End Table

    The Sims

    Floor Lamp

    Hot Date

    Foot Stool Chair

    The Sims


    Hot Date


    The Sims


    Hot Date

    Table Lamp

    Hot Date

    Wall Lamp

    Hot Date
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